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In our busy daily routine of rushing from home to work to family activities, the minutes are valuable and spending an hour at the hair removal clinic or similar facility is not always practical. Often, we have to take charge of this aspect of our personal grooming needs and so seek safe and effective products and tools for this. Because there’s a wide variety of these to choose from, carefully evaluating the good and bad points of each one is a necessity.

The first area of decision is a cream or paste product versus a mechanical device. As we’ll discover below, both options have advantages and disadvantages in time and cost spent for them. Also important is the “comfort factor” when considering applying a cream and waiting for it to work, or a grooming operation such as shaving or plucking.

Some Topical Answers
Most creams for removing hair are made for sensitive skin and some come in kits, one is to remove the hair while another is to be applied after the hair removal to calm and soothe the skin. Hair removal creams do not remove hair from the roots, just from near the skin surface, which in turn means that you’ll have hair growth back in about a week or even earlier varying from person to person. There are also hair growth inhibitor creams to help keep hair from returning as quickly

Their advantages are ease of use and mostly painless application; hair removal cream tubes are small and convenient to carry around; you can even slip one in your purse if there’s a need for a quick depilatory touch-up. Caution is indicated for sensitive areas such as the bikini line. Read the instructions that come with these creams as they have medical contraindications as well as how often they should be used.

Hands-On Hair Removal
The most used and the most contraindicated method is shaving. All women have shaved numerous times in their lives to quickly get rid of unwanted hair. However, keep in mind that shaving stimulates hair growth and you’ll end up with a lot more hair by using this method. Shaving, while the quickest and possibly easiest way to remove hair can be somewhat harmful in the long run. A rubbing process, using an abrasive “mitt,” can also be used but is only short-term and feasible for fine hair.

Probably a more effective and common method in the long run is waxing or tweezing. Waxing and tweezing removes hair from the roots and leaves behind a smooth skin for at least three to four weeks varying from person to person. However, the downside of waxing and tweezing is the pain that you experience and the fact that you have to wait for the hair to grow at least half an inch before you can wax or pluck it again, This means you’ll always have a little hair on your body at times. A variation is the rotary depilator, which uses a motor-driven mechanism to perform the plucking operation in a more rapid fashion.

The positive aspect to mechanical hair removal is convenience; redness, irritation of the skin, and possible ingrown hairs, as well as the twinge of pain as each hair is pulled out are negative considerations for these methods.
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