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The usual conception of using a laser for cosmetic grooming is laser surgery hair removal in a specialist’s office, clinic, or a luxury laser hair removal spa. Inventors, however, are unstoppable and so it was inevitable that a consumer version of the professional laser technology used as a hair removable technique would become available as a home-usage hair removal product.

Laser Hair Removal is much less invasive than electrolysis because the laser uses light that's absorbed through the skin, into the hair follicle and, as the absorbed light changes to heat, it affects the hair follicle. In home application, the laser device is meant to defoliate individual hairs rather than the larger areas covered by commercial laser hair removal techniques.

A Light Affair
A popular unit that has been designed for the home hair removal consumer is the EPILA laser hair remover manufactured in Korea and sold online worldwide. It is a self-contained handheld device powered from a standard wall outlet and has various safety certifications as a consumer product. Some of the guidelines to using it are:

  • Laser treatment is only effective when the hair is in the active growth phase. Hairs or hair follicles in the Degradation or Resting phase need to progress to the active phase before treatment will be beneficial. Therefore multiple treatments are required for long term permanent hair reduction.
  • This is an unsuitable hair removal method for very dark-skinned complexions, as the dark skin reacts unfavorably to the laser light emission.
  • The initial treatment should be repeated to take care of active hair follicles that were not effectively treated in the first session as new hair growth is observed, this will typically be some 2–4 weeks later depending on where the treatment area is.
  • Avoid tanning if possible. Waxing, plucking, and bleaching should also be avoided for 3–4 weeks prior to laser treatment.
  • Trimming or shaving is fine. It is necessary to have a hair in the follicle for successful treatment.
  • Tattoos and areas with permanent make-up must be avoided as they will be affected.
  • Take care to keep the treated area particularly clean for 3 days. Ideally use an anti-bacterial soap twice daily.

Some of the positive aspects are:

  • Laser hair reduction is generally considered to be effective and permanent after 6 treatments.
  • The timing for followup on treatments is not critical. Choose a time and place which is convenient for you.
  • Most people don’t feel anything, although a mild ‘pin prick’ sensation, lasting less than a second, may be felt.

Keep Up With Developments
There are new ways of hair removal being developed all the time; it’s become an extremely popular way for busy people to save time and trouble in their program of good grooming. No doubt you’ll hear about the latest product from your barber or beautician. There’s plenty of beauty industry trade magazines and certainly no shortage of TV shows about hair-related devices and developments. Of course, your favorite online search engine can bring you the latest news, as well. So, keep a sharp eye out for the latest and the greatest in home laser hair removal.

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