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Laser-based hair removal solutions were first introduced in the United States in 1995 with the promise of long-lasting hair removal achieved in a much more rapid manner and that promise is being realized as more people enter this fast-growing personal care field. Now more than ever, the job market demands competent, skilled, and experienced Aesthetic Laser & Intense Pulse Light (IPL) practitioners, so getting a comprehensive education in laser hair removal is the key to a fruitful career. No matter where you are located there will be some training available and you will want to evaluate it carefully. Laser hair removal is a powerful technology that’s capable of seriously damaging a patient’s skin if incorrectly used. Getting accurate and thorough training is absolutely necessary for safety and skill.

Learn Laser Hair Removal Correctly
Examining the details of a laser hair removal school involves some clear questions. Here’s some you should ask any prospective training facility that you’re considering:

  • Do they offer state-approved training and if so, how years have they been providing it?
  • How long has the person teaching the class been a Laser/IPL practitioner?
  • Is it a college-level curriculum given approval by the relevant State Department of Higher Education, Health Occupations or the Division of Private Occupational Schools?
  • Will you be taught accurate knowledge of laser hair removal and have the ability to operate a laser with complete safety and success once you graduate?
  • Will you be trained on various types of lasers, such as Nd:YAG, long pulse, short pulse, Alexandrite, or Q-switch?
  • Have you been given complete and honest information on tuition, class supplies, extra costs, post-graduation job assistance, certifications, etc?

The curriculum of a comprehensive electrolysis theory program should include:

  • Physiology of Hair
  • Physiology of Skin
  • Common Skin Diseases
  • Endocrine Systems
  • Bacteriology
  • Sterilization/Hygiene
  • Neurology/Angiology
  • Professional Ethics
  • Office Management/Taxes
  • Principles of Electricity

Knowing the answers to these and other concerns you may have, such as schedules, travel, campus, financing, class size, etc. will give you what you need for an informed laser hair removal training choice.

Laser Hair removal Training Schools
Although a much newer technology than electrolysis, laser hair removal training schools have appeared all over the country. Start with these in seeking suitable training:

    This school offers a wide range of important laser hair removal essentials:
    • instructs students in the importance of laser physics, safety, and any contraindications.
    • students are taught tissue interaction in relation to the laser treatment.
    • students learn hair biology and growth cycles to determine which laser energy level should be used for patients safety.
    • students learn critical laser hardware information: Laser Parameters, Laser Wavelengths, Laser Chromophores, and Pulse Duration.
    • students learn how to interact with the patient during the initial consultation.
    • students learn how to treat a patient before, during and after the treatment.
  • LASER AND COSMEDIC ACADEMY – (604) 710-3445
    Operated by Dr.Shihab, M.D., founder of the Laser and CosMedic Academy (LCA) with 12 years of extensive training in the field of laser research and technology and also a member of the American Society For Laser Medicine And Surgery. They offer:
    • Skin anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pathology and natural moisturizing factors
    • Causes of excess hair and hormonal imbalance
    • Laser physics and laser skin interaction
    • Procedures and methods of Laser Hair Removal
    • Calculation formulas for laser energy and duration
    • Market pricing for LHR services and laser machine selection and safety

Laser hair removal specialty workshops are also offered for doctors, nurses, beauticians, and others who have an existing traditional hair removal or related medical/ skin care background; you can use your Internet search engine to find the one currently being offered in your area.

Remember that a thorough education will ensure a rewarding career and the safety of you and your clients when you work as a laser hair removal specialist.

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