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When you ask, “what is laser hair removal?” you probably think of women using it to get rid of pesky facial hair or leg and underarm hair, which the dictates of fashion and society force them to shave off each and every day. Even for men, however, shaving can also be very tedious, time consuming and often uncomfortable, and the chance of nicks or scrapes to lather-softened skin is always there. As technology ventured into outer space, research blossomed as a result of the United States national effort to expand learning beyond our planet and the discovery of the Laser phenomenon was a product of this effort.

Modern science refined the laser for such uses as surveying, precise cutting and engraving, and optical research. Along the way, the first laser hair removal treatment occurred in the late 1970’s as a result of an accident. A researcher unknowingly exposed a portion of the skin to on his arm to the laser he was working on for several seconds, which burned all of the hair off. The incident did no damage to his skin and was quickly forgotten until several months later, when he noticed a bald patch on his arm. The procedure was repeated a number of times and carefully studied. Clinical tests showed a substantial and seemingly permanent reduction of hair growth to the treated areas. FDA approval followed shortly thereafter and Laser Hair Removal was thus born.

Evolution Of Laser Hair Removal
The newborn technology began its rise as a hair removal method; Researchers experimented with varying energy wavelengths, pulse durations and intensity levels, carefully choosing the most effective ones offering the least side effects. New photosensitive (light-absorbing) carbon dyes later were added in the 1990's. This dramatically improved the conversion of radiation into heat and made laser procedures more effective and reliable on light colored hair growth, as many laser hair removal photos show.

Much research continues to be done in advanced laser hair removal using this cutting-edge technology and there’s growing concern that some unethical clinics and practitioners are attempting to cash in on people’s ignorance by dazzling them with flashy advertising that promises things like “total facial rejuvenation” or “magic fountain of youth.” The reality is that every technology has its limits, and being realistically informed is your best strategy in choosing any modern hair removal method.

Looking Further
There are a variety of factors and considerations involved in evaluating the feasibility and practicality of laser hair removal as an option in your personal grooming regimen. Learning about possible side effects, treatment scope and possibilities, obtaining affordable laser hair removal and payment options, licensing/certification of practitioners, and other elements is important for an informed and wise decision in using this powerful system.

Many states are becoming increasingly aware of the power of lasers, how laser hair removal works, and its impact on our bodies. Some are requiring medical supervision of clinics to reduce the effect of laser hair removal side effects upon patients. This can only help to weed out the fly-by-night laser hair removal center and the shoddy or careless application of laser light to sensitive skin. As with any new medical technology, fraudulent scam artists will use the impressive “lights and dials” of a laser device to baffle and deceive the credulous client. Being forewarned is forearmed!

We hope the additional more detailed information concerning laser hair removal on our website will give you the tools that you need to move into a rewarding and even pleasurable experience with this marvelous new method of grooming.

Laser Hair Removal
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