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Highly trained Aestheticians are in demand everywhere, especially those well educated in hair removal skills. What is an Aesthetician? The dictionary says: “One versed in the theory of beauty and artistic expression; One skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments.” The Aesthetic Industry is continually changing and as a result, people who are well-versed in new Electrolysis and Laser Technologies and advanced hair removal procedures are needed to fill a growing need within the Medical Aesthetic Industry. The spectrum of hair removal facilities who require new staff include tanning and athletic clubs, private spas, and hotel and resort fitness facilities, as well as medical offices and dermatological & specialty hair removal clinics.

Be An Independent Operator
You can even start your own private aesthetic business. The opportunities are endless for you as a motivated student of hair removal technology to learn the needed skills, gain experience, and open your own Aesthetic Hair Removal facility in your area to fulfill the public’s growing demand for this, in addition to providing other cosmetic-related health and wellness services.

If you choose to be independent and your own boss, the school you decide on should offer some training in hair removal facility operation, meaning the basic business skills needed for this industry, such as required record-keeping, customer management, employee management, marketing, and applicable rules and regulations for your area. Learn as many “tricks of the trade” as possible before venturing out on your own. Remember, mistakes made in the classroom will be much less costly than ones made in your own business.

Take Time To Learn
You can specialize in Electrolysis Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, and other methods, such as IPL Hair Removal or more traditional practices, like Waxing, Tweezing, or using Hair Removal Creams and other cosmetic depilatory products. These procedures can be your specialty or added to augment an overall Aesthetician educational program. The decision you make will be based on your time limitations and monetary resources, as well as your choice of where you can obtain the training you desire.

Electrolysis hair removal training requirements vary from state to state and ranges from 120 to 600 hours consisting of a combination of theoretical classroom study and clinical “hands-on” education with the professional equipment typically used. Laser Hair Removal Training programs are from one day to one week long depending on the student’s needs and the training centers criteria.

Stay Current
The field of hair removal is changing constantly and so practitioners must stay up-to-date with changing technology, as well as new federal, state, and local regulations. There are strict guidelines in place to protect consumers of Aesthetic procedures and incorrectly implemented hair removal methods can cause pain and injury which could result in litigation or even criminal prosecution.

Become a caring and wise hair removal specialist by securing the proper training and education. You’ll be sure to have a long career in a great business.

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