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One day in 1875, Charles E. Michel, M.D., used a fine wire and electricity to remove what was a painful and recurring condition of that time, ingrown eyelashes. Millions of men and women since then who’ve been plagued by unwanted hair have benefited from what’s become known as "Electrolysis". Now this process of permanently removing unwanted hair has evolved into a profession of its own and it’s now receiving greater recognition from the general public and well-earned acceptance by the medical community. It is medically recognized as one of the few really permanent methods of hair removal and has evolved into a very desirable career field for those who enjoy helping people improve their physical appearance and self-esteem.

Electrolysis Education
A good, thorough education in electrology is significantly less expensive compared to other professions that offer similar income potential. Many states treat electrology as a licensed profession. Some of the elements of electrolysis that you’ll need to learn are:

  • In-depth knowledge on analyzing skin and hair growth cycles
  • Knowledge on the use of the machine, as well as Health and Safety practices on the use of the machine and in the work place
  • Product knowledge on the various topical products used for pre and post care treatments
  • Hands-on training using the latest state-of-the-art equipment manufactured for short-wave, blend and multiple needle modalities.
  • Working with both the flash and manual techniques of thermolysis, as well as the galvanic, multiple needle and blend modalities of electrolysis.

The curriculum of a comprehensive electrolysis theory program should include:

  • Physiology of Hair
  • Physiology of Skin
  • Common Skin Diseases
  • Endocrine Systems
  • Bacteriology
  • Sterilization/Hygiene
  • Neurology/Angiology
  • Professional Ethics
  • Office Management/Taxes
  • Principles of Electricity

Some Electrolysis Schools
There’s an assortment of electrology schools throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as other training opportunities, such as workshops and advanced electrology seminars. Here’s some to give you a starting point:

    Established in 1986, the Institute has distinguished itself by dedication to training excellence in the field of permanent hair removal and graduates have gone on to rewarding careers and opening successful businesses throughout the United States.
    Founded in 1978, this school offers:
    • Clinical Practice - actual practice on live models.
    • Lectures – interesting, understandable, and stimulating classroom sessions.
    • Individual Attention - each student has the opportunity for much personal attention.
    • Flexible Schedule - enables students to pick the hours most convenient to them.
  • INSTITUT DECTRO – (800) 463-5566
    This Canadian school offers:
    • experienced training staff
    • ultramodern equipment
    • customized training
    • worldwide reputation

There’s also numerous Electrolysis Hair Removal Workshops and Seminars for Health and Beauty professionals held all around the country. Use your favorite Internet search website to locate one scheduled near you.

The educational resources are there for you; it’s up to you to take charge and create your future in the field of Electrolysis Hair Removal now!

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