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These days, you can not only pick the type of hair removal method, the area of the body you’re grooming and the location of the hair removal center, but also the ambiance and experience that you’ll have there. Most savvy facilities are aware that environment is everything and that this has become increasingly crucial to consumers. So be conscious of the effect this will have on your hair removal experience and consider what priority to give to these more intangible factors.

As recipients of the various hair removal techniques become more and more picky, the average cost for laser hair removal becomes less important than the “atmosphere,” “vibe,” emotional tone,” and overall feeling they get from the hair removal treatment, whether at an office, clinic or spa.

Your Hair Removal Center Options
Professional hair removal is both an art and a science; the practitioner, space, and place should reflect this.
Look amongst these for the best choice:

  • Dermatologist/Dermatology Office - Dermatologists are the recognized medical experts of the skin, hair, and nails. A well-trained and experienced dermatologist knows the science of skin and hair, how it grows, how it changes with age, and how to keep it healthy. Some concerns are actually caused by medical problems, which the dermatologist should address. Even though improving the appearance of facial or other skin may be a cosmetic issue, there are medical conditions such as acne, which must be medically treated to achieve the best possible results. Generally, expect to be in a more medically controlled environment and most likely have a “physician-oriented” experience. You should be able to get any relevant medical question or concern you may have addressed.
  • Hair Removal Clinic or Center – These facilities typically offer clients a more casual ambiance. Services should be provided in a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. Locations usually offer more flexible business hours and, depending on area, are often conveniently located to help ensure easy accessibility. The staff should take time to understand your skin care goals and work with you to customize a hair removal program to meet your needs as well as educate and introduce you to skincare regimens and products that help you achieve more youthful and healthier skin.
  • Hair Removal Luxury Spa – This is the ultimate in hair removal service and often other skin-related treatments furnished in an environment totally designed for soothing and relaxing ambience. They usually offer a combination of expert professionals, state of the art equipment, personal attention, and tranquil ambiance to provide a nurturing foundation designed to enhance your physical, emotional and mental equilibrium. The more innovative hair removal spas blend ancient therapies, such as Ayurveda, as well as Eastern holistic philosophies, with advanced technologies to create a haven where your well-being and happiness can thrive. Usually, these facilities have one-day or longer programs that can be a restorative hair removal “mini-vacation” for stressed-out men and women.

Your Journey Into Hair Removal
The long and the short of it is that you will have much room to express your preferences for hair removal as given by a variety of skilled professionals and, in most metropolitan and nearby areas, choose from a palette of locations and environments. The research that you do in making these choices is what will make or break the quality of your hair removal experience.
Some sources of information are:

  • Positive recommendations from friends or family
  • Medical Boards or other certifying bodies
  • Consumer reviews and ratings
  • Positive, unbiased articles in press or other media

Your care and caution as a wise consumer of personal services is most important in choosing any hair removal center.

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