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The American Heritage dictionary defines an Aesthetician (also spelled Esthetician) as: One skilled in giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments. In this field, a significant service offered to clients is hair removal. While in the more specialized facilities electrolysis and laser hair removal methods are offered, in a typical salon or spa the more traditional hair removal treatments, such as plucking waxing, tweezing, and cream or lotion exfoliation, are given as part of an overall beauty program.

So people seeking to work as an Aesthetician usually study a variety of skills: skin care, body care, hair removal and makeup. These comprise an overall regimen of study that prepare the student for a long and rewarding career in this field that means a very good chance of employment in any metropolitan city or region. Since hair removal expertise is a key part of your skills, find a school or training center that includes this vital aspect.

Get General Training
Most Aesthetician training usually covers most of the hair, skin, and nail-related arts and sciences and their application. This comprehensive area of beauty is known as Cosmetology. Here’s some training facilities in this field that include hair removal; this will give you a beginning in finding your best choice for learning:

    • Director of Education is an Arizona state licensed Aesthetics instructor
    • Students educated with current product lines and techniques
    • Instructors are experienced in aesthetics and bring valuable practical experience to the classes .
    • Provide both full-time and part-time intensive, hands-on classes
    • Offers a clinical hands-on approach
    • Offers Diploma level of study
    • Offers in-house financing
    • Offers job search assistance / placement
    • Offers comprehensive and highly developed Course of Study in Esthetics
    • Courses take the student through all necessary skills needed to obtain employment in Spa's, Salons, and Doctor and Dermatologists' offices.
    • Courses are taught with products of the highest quality.
    • Upon successful completion of the Esthetician Courses and graduation, the student will receive an Esthetician Diploma.

There’s also ongoing Hair Removal Seminars and Workshops both at facilities and online for nurses, beauticians, and other medical and cosmetology professionals to add hair removal training to their skillset:

  • Laser and IPL Hair Removal:
    • Laserscope – (800) 356-7600
    • Cynosure, Inc – (800) 886.2966
    • Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. – (781) 993-2315
  • Electrolysis Hair Removal :
    • Vienna Skin – (703) 938-1468
    • Cameo College of Essential Beauty - (801) 484-6173
    • River Rock Electrology Institute Inc. – (715) 235-3494
  • Traditional (Waxing/Tweezing, etc.) Hair Removal:
    • College Of Body Arts & Sciences - (888) 440-0333
    • Long Island Nail & Skin Care Institute – (516) 520-4800
    • Niagara College Canada – (905) 735-2211

There’ll be many more Aesthetic Hair Removal educational opportunities coming up in the future. Your area spa, beauty shop, or hair removal facility can prove to be an informational resource, as well as using online one of the many Internet search websites. As always, be specific about your hair removal education needs and careful in your investigation of available learning channels. Remember, success in using hair removal training to enhance your career depends upon it.

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